Review: Portraits of Faith

I was very glad to receive the chance to read Portraits of Faith. I have read other books by this author, mostly in the puritan train of thought, so it was nice to see his take on some Biblical theology.

The book is broken up into 5 short and simple chapters. He begins by defining what faith is and then shows four different types of faith (childlike, submissive, mature, persevering) though four characters (Adam, Shunammite woman, Canaanite woman, Caleb).

There are a lot of things this book did well. It would be a great study group tool – it has questions for each chapter and is broken up very logically. Also, the language is simple so it would communicate some important truths to church people.

However, there were a few things that left me wanting. I felt as though he never went as deep as he could have. Now, not every book needs to be 200+ pages with long, dreary paragraphs. But I felt like he played it safe with trite statements and pretty basic information. Other than some information about Shunem and Canaan, I didn’t learn much from this work.

Over, a good attempt at communicating stages of the Christian faith. Great for beginners, but not much more than that.


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