Review: Positively Powerless

People seem to always forget how deeply we are effected by what has come before us. As the saying goes, history has a habit of repeating itself – especially for those who don’t bother to read history.

This book is an excellent examination of the history and effect of positive thinking, along with the major role it has played in 21st century Christianity. LL Martin is well-read and grounded in her approach to this material, which I deeply respect.

The book begins with a history of positive thinking as a whole before moving into its relationship with Christianity. From there, Martin studies significant event and figures who have influence Christianity in the last few decades, and how our lack of knowing about “positive theology” has seeped in and altered our view of God and ourselves.

Now this book is definitely not outright condemning the movement. Instead, its bring its various aspects to light in order that readers can be better thinkers about what is truly Christian.

This is an excellent book by a gifted writer, and if you are curious about the positivity movement – this will definitely shed some light.


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One thought on “Review: Positively Powerless

  1. Thanks for your review of my book David. As an author, especially as a new author, you worry about whether the points you intended to communicate were clear…or not. I’m relieved that you hit on some key intentions: how “positive theology” seeped in and altered our views unawares -and- to get people to think for themselves. I debated whether to be more direct and call out some of the “positive theology” authors by name, but decided against it. By focusing on underlying beliefs, I hope that a “light bulb” will go off the next time someone is exposed to this faulty theology.

    I have a book giveaway for Positively Powerless on my blog at present:

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