Review Turn your setbacks into Major Comebacks

I have certainly had my share of setbacks the last few years. From sickness, to financial trouble – my life has been a series of turns and redirects. But it’s because of those trials that I have grown into the person I am today.

This book captures that sentiment. Our trials do not have to be the end of the story – especially when God is involved. Lawrence Namale writes a powerful and timely book that is both spiritual and practical.

The book follows the story of Ben as he has to navigate his way through exceptional opportunities and incredible challenges. But aside from just telling a story, the book is full of useful information – quotes, discussions, and research all dedicated to help people become overcomers.

One thing that stood out to me about this book was how beautifully it was laid out. The interior has an awesome design to it which makes the reading experience very enjoyable, and the book as a whole just a professional feel to it.

I definitely recommend checking this one out if your looking for ways to influence your life in a positive manner.

You can find the book here:


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