Review Healing the Divide

This book was able to put into words something that has frustrated me since I began seminary. I’ll try to explain.

Everything is simplified these days. There’s a shortcut to this, or a way to master this in only 5 mins a day. We are obsessed not with mastery but with small, bite sized versions of life. And by extension, bite sized versions of Christianity. But if you feel like there are things missing from your Sunday services or Bible studies it’s because there is!

There is a depth and beauty to who and what Jesus is that escapes trivial pursuits. Sometimes we have to go deep, and stay there for a long time in order to find the treasure. This book will challenge you to want those deeper things of Christ.

I have not read much of the Mystics, but the authors open up their world and insight to the readers in such a way that they are made tangible for the common Christian. Even though this book can be intimidating, it’s written in an inviting style that most people will truly enjoy.

I heartily recommend this book – there are complex and beautiful things for us to see if we are willing to learn how to see them.

You can find the book here:


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