Review Beyond Belief

If you’re a Christian, salvation was only the beginning of the story. Once we are saved, we are invited to take an amazing – albeit difficult – journey towards something called Spiritual Maturity?

Now, most people equate spiritual maturity with the old people at church. The serious types who don’t have any time for silliness because they are wholly wrapped up in and committed to the ways of God. But that definition falls short.

In Beyond Belief the author goes across much of Scripture to show the richness of spiritual maturity and answers a few questions along the way:

  • What is it?
  • How do we get it?
  • What can we do with it?
  • Why does God want it?

Without going into specifics of the content, I can tell you some things I found extremely helpful within the book. First of all, the book is laid out like a workbook. The six week study is made up of 5 days each which consist of stories, Bible verses, questions and even the occasional mini lesson into the original languages.

I appreciated how thorough the author was with this study. This is not something you can just whip through on a Sunday morning. It’s meant to be involved and to challenge you.

I highly recommend this book if you are in a group looking to learn more about spiritual maturity, or are planning on doing a deep dive in your own time.

You find the book here:

And to learn more about the author, please visit her site at:




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