Review 321 Down Street

Powerful, Beautiful, Intimate

This past spring my fiancé had the privilege of interning with a foundation that helped special needs (or developmentally disabled) kids and teens. She would do all sorts of activities with them from playing games, to leading exercise routines, and even coordinating field trips. I had the opportunity to go on two field trips with them and I can honestly say they were some of my most enjoyable Saturdays spent! There is such a purity in those kids its impossible not to want to be their friend.

The story in 321 Down Street reminded me of these experiences. The book follows a couple as they discover there might be an issue with their pregnancy and how they go on to love their child with Down Syndrome.

It is a beautiful and emotional tale. I love how raw and vulnerable much of the story is. They did a fantastic job of capturing not only the events but also the emotions along the way. Frustration – fear – sadness – joy. The pages are a rollercoaster of emotion and the reader is left feeling like they know this family intimately.

Alos, I believe this could be a very powerful read for those who are considering adopting one day. There is so much beauty in these children, and this book captures their potential. I appreciate that they were honest about their struggles because it made their choices and joy that much more authentic.

I definitely recommend this book and look forward to seeing how their story as a family continues to develop, and how God blesses their faith in Him!

You can find the book here:

You can read more from the author here:




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