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Review Pocketful of Posies

I first fell in love with Poetry during my freshman year in college. I had room for on more class in my schedule and decided to take a course on Creative Writing. I had always loved writing and the professor had a reputation of making his classes “out of the box.” Sure enough, the class lived up to its reputation and I was exposed to the rich world of poetry. There are just some things that are best communicated through this art form and that is why I jumped at the opportunity to read this short book.

Sally Larkin Green in Pocketful of Posies writes a collection of 32 poems ranging in all sorts of spiritual and encouraging topics. She has a beautiful way of communicating both personal experiences and biblical truths.

One of my favorite poems of hers is titled “Angels Beside Me.” It’s a beautiful poem about the feeling of knowing that God has his eye on us. This was just one of many poems which I felt communicated beautifully things Christians often take for granted.

I recommend checking out other writings by Sally Green. And if you would like to read more from this book, you can check it out here: (She has it as an offer for subscribing).

In ending I want to leave on stanza from her poem which has stuck in my mind:

Taste of his glory
Hunger for grace
Angels enfold me
Tender embrace


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