Review A Love Story

Not your average memoir.

This is the line that stuck in my head as I read through Samantha’s powerful story. The book records a number of significant events that happened in her life – many of which tested her to the very core of her being. But through it all, God sustained her and brought her through the other side a stronger person.

Without getting too much into the specific stories, I want to talk about the book itself. First, I appreciate how much depth and vulnerably the writer showed throughout these pages. Many of these stories were intensely personal, and yet she shared them with a courage not easily found.

Second, I was encouraged by how often Samantha used scripture to not only support her points but also to show you how her mind was working in the midst of these trials. It’s clear that this is not only a story she is sharing, but that this book is very much an extension of herself and of her faith.

Finally, I love how she ends the book. She says that it was not just her writing, but that God was writing it to her. I think that is a great image for how we can see our lives as God’s instruments in the world.

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One thought on “Review A Love Story

  1. I am humbled by your review of my book/my life. I sat down and wrote to me, not the reader. I needed to see, where was God when like Job I lost everything in a blink. As I wrote, I unraveled the “I am going to take you to another level”. All I ask of a reader is to have an emotion. Please do not read my life in your lap and feel nothing.

    I have no regrets for what I went through written in my book, nor do I want to do it again. Pollyanna died and a phoenix has written.

    Thank you for reading my story.
    May God Bless,
    Samantha Ryan Chandler

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