Review: Devotions From Exodus

My love affair with the Old Testament started many years ago during my time in college. I had a professor who opened up the stories in ways I had never seen before, and infused them with the Gospel. I was hooked.

This author reminds me of my time in that class. Devotions from Exodus examines the first 20 chapters of the Old Testament book, in a thorough and logical manner – seeking to find both applicable insights and Gospel-related encouragement for the readers.

One thing I think that sets this book apart is the author’s willingness to dive deep. She did not give in to trite answers but made the effort to go the extra mile. All the while communicating the truths of Scripture prayerfully and authentically.

I appreciate the author’s consistent voice. It kept me engaged and curious as to what insights she was aiming to reveal. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to really go deep into the story and meaning of Exodus!


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