7 Men Book Review

Eric Metaxas has become one of my favorite authors over the years and for good reason. In his writing, he is never satisfied with simple or trite answers. He takes the time and invests the effort to go deeper – to search out the heart of the matter and communicate in a way that makes his readers want to take action.

7 Men is a book of mini-biographies on great men who lived across the last few centuries who dramatically influenced history in one way or another. The seven range from politicians to religious figures and even sports stars. Metaxas incorporates a wide variety of men because his point is clear: there is no one mold or occupation for great men. People of influence come from all backgrounds, colors, and go on to accomplish all sorts of goals. The common thread then – is not any outward trait – but the inner trait of character. A character touched by God and expanded into something beyond anything they themselves could have conceived.

I appreciate how well researched and fluid Metaxas’ books are. Even though its a fairly simple read – it contains mounds of important concepts and ideas and does an excellent job of capturing the essence of these great men’s lives in a very quick manner.

My only apprehension is that I think many of the men he chose have been written on extensively, so much of what the reader sees is not terribly new. I would have liked to see Metaxas pick some lesser know figures and explain their importance to history and so on.

Overall, this is an excellent book and I am very much looking forward to what is next on this author’s to-do list!


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