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Book Review: Dirty God

“It was the moment where this man’s soul heard the voice of his Creator again, and the miraculous stepped into the inevitable and made a dying man dance.”


Johnnie Moore writes on the story of grace. Dirty God is a beautiful, simple, and well told exclamation of what the grace of God actually looks like in our day and age. It’s not the pristine church buildings or the sunday best. It isn’t white garments and silver sacrament bowls.

Grace is messy. It dives deep into the darkness of man and fights there. Grace rescues us but not in the way we like to think – that is often to pretty, to easy. Grace gets dirty for the sake of those who have been broken. Jesus’ earthly life was a continual living metaphor of grace.

Purpose: Moore write for three reasons. First was to give a more full explanation of grace, one that was separate from purely theological and academic meanings. He wanted grace to be real. His second purpose ties with the first, he wanted to tell his story – and not only his but those he has encountered along the way. This was easily one of my favorite parts of the book. Each chapter brought along a new adventure – from around the world, victories and failures; they were beautiful. Third, he wanted to encourage his readers to get dirty. Grace is not a room waiting to be entered. As recipients of this ridiculous grace it is our duty and privilege to spread it like wildfire. To rush into the depth of darkness and scream that there is the hope of light.

Style: I found this book to be a very easy read. Moore writes conversationally – as if he is across the table from you. Obviously you cannot handle every subject like this, but his style fit his purpose nicely and I found it enjoyable.

Use of Scripture: If you’re going to be talking about grace you better bring in some Bible. I was also pleased with Moore’s handling of God’s Word. He did not drown his readers; I expect he wanted to reach somewhat outside the purely evangelical market. But when he did use Scripture he took the time to explain it – show how it fit in with the story, or how it held the point he was trying to convey.

Personally, this book came at a very pivotal time in my life and I am grateful for its message. His message is something very apparent in Scripture, but sometimes we need the reminder, the exultation to pay attention and to put into practice. I highly recommend this read, and I encourage you to get messy for sake of His Grace.


“Each string represented a particular prayer request…” (this short story is a must read)

“Jesus believed that grace was more powerful, more attractive, and more motivational than fear and judgment.”

“Grace is God’s most priceless gift”

“Death to us is a tame lion”

“And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history – the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.”

“God is more than willing to cause you pain now in order to bring you peace…later”

“what has cost God much cannot be cheap for us…”

“We are the answers to the problems we’re most concerned about.”

“goals are dreams with deadlines” – Phil Cooke


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