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When God Takes Your Legos

Life is like Legos. Which is great because I love Legos.

Everyone gets pieces to start off with. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. No two people start off with the same set. Some begin with those tiny boxes where you get enough to build one vehicle, a character, and some scenery. Others get the Death Star (which for those of you who are not Lego fans is much, much better).

Now our Legos don’t always come with instructions. So we play around with them, see what fits where, and begin to craft a design in our heads. We ask – what is the best thing I can build out of the Legos I’ve been given? Once we have a clear picture we get to work sculpting our brick masterpieces.

God likes to build stuff too. It’s kind of his thing (see Genesis). He made us actually. He went to his beautiful brick collection one day and pulled out exactly what he needed to build you. The right head, the right body, the right pieces and placed you in the right setting at the right time. And to top it all off, he slid a nice little pile of bricks our way and said, “There you go, have some fun.”

For some of us, that is where the story ends; on our way to building something beautiful with what we have. But I don’t believe He wants it to end there.

Five years ago God took my Legos.

I was finally starting to hit my stride in life. I took full advantage of the pieces I had and started to construct something beautiful. But God had another idea.

Midway through my building process God stepped in and asked me a question I’ll never forget, Where do I fit into your plans?
I answered honestly, You don’t.

You see, we all start off with a given set of life’s pieces: family, opportunities, skills, dreams, etc. As we look at what we are and what we want we begin to craft a gift. A gift to history, a gift to the world, a gift to God. We work at that gift and present it, look, here is the most beautiful thing I can build with what I’ve been given!

But God has other plans. Often his picture of what he wants to build in and through us is far greater than we can imagine – and one reason we can’t imagine it is because his design can’t be built with the pieces we currently have.

When I felt that God wanted to change my plans I was terrified and a little angry. Don’t you see how good this will be! Don’t you want this?
He answered, You’re right that would be good, but I have another design with your name on it.

Five years ago I let Him take my little Lego pile and over the last few years he’s been sliding new pieces into my life. Pieces I never could have imagined. Pieces that remind me he wants to build something big with my life, bigger than I could have done on my own. And he wants to do the same with you.

What you can build is not limited to the Legos you currently see. Remember, your Father owns the toy store.

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