In His Pasture

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.

Really that’s all anyone ever truly wants, peace. To come in, to find rest, to know that today is going to be all right.


Jesus doesn’t just invite, he also promises. He makes a guarantee – every single one who dares to enter his gate will be saved. Every one – the ones who walk in, the ones who crawl in, even the ones who have to be carried in. I will save you, you are mine.

His voice invites. His voice saves. And His voice sends.

Those who come in and go out.

In the story of the feeding of the 5000 Jesus made a miracle out of little boy’s lunch. He broke what was small in order to fulfill a great need. My mind always goes to how this scene actually played out. What were the logistics of feeding so many people?

In my mind I picture Jesus sitting, breaking the food and filling the baskets. The crowd sits in groupings all around him for what seems like a sea of life. And there, hustling back and forth, are the disciples. They are the ones carrying from Jesus to the people.

But I want you to really zoom in on this part. The disciples could not carry enough food for all the people, even a portion of the people. They carried a small amount to a small group. Then what? Then they had to go back to Jesus.

The disciples kept having to go back to Jesus. There was too much hunger, too many people, too much need. They kept turning to him and saying Jesus we need more. And he kept giving. He gave until everyone had enough and kept multiplying until there was more than enough.

We are the sheep seeking pasture and the hungry waiting to be fed. The ones desperate for a savior who can give us what we need. Jesus is that savior. He offers us a pasture of peace in his presence. He says comes into me, I am more than enough.

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