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The Voice Worth Waiting For

All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them.

There is one worth waiting for.

Voices try to make us believe otherwise. Not just about God, but about life-things as well. Whether it’s settling for a job or a giving up on love or putting your dream on the shelf. Voices try to make us believe there is no better thing coming. All that there can be is right in front of you, and the way today is is how forever is going to be.

But that’s not true. Mountaintops require mountain climbing. You have to hope, you have to believe, you have to trust, you have to discern and you have to wait.

Maybe the reason your story does not fit together is because you have yet to see all the pieces. And today is not forever, tomorrow is new. Although tomorrow may be hard or painful, it may be even heavier than today, its one step closer to the next chapter. One step closer to the moment that makes all the struggles fade away as their replaced with joy.

That’s what Jesus wants you to feel when you hear his voice. That’s the mindset he wants you to keep in mind, an attitude of expectation. No one before him has anything worth hearing. They were distractions.

Now the real has come. One worth waiting for, one worth listening to.

The sheep know the difference. Even as we fail, our ears begin to learn the difference between the voices that pull us away and the single Voice that desperately wants to hold us near to himself.

Wait for his voice. Expect it. Want it. Pray for it.



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