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Dreams Come Slowly



I’m not as patient as I like to think I am.

To make it worse our world doesn’t cherish the virtue. When we hear success stories they are about people who went from dirt broke to being a millionaire in a matter of weeks.

The Church is not exempt either. We hear testimonies the drug addicted ex-con who, after finding Jesus, moved to Africa and now pastors a church of 10,000.

Are you kidding me!

I know God can do big things quickly. And I know life can completely change in a moment. But those occurrences are rare.

 2 Points:

 Time is not a factor of concern to God.

40 years in the desert, 100 years to build an ark, thousands of years to send his Son. God takes his time. He doesn’t rush. He also doesn’t delay. He moves with purpose and any time that is involved folds around and shapes to his purpose.

Time fits his purpose, not the other way around.

Life only has two speeds: blindingly fast and grandmother snail slow.

The first speed applies to most of life’s activities. Eating, sleeping, traveling, playing, etc. Every now and then I catch a serious glimpse of how fast my life has moved. Maybe an old photo from grade school or I receive a letter from a childhood friend. If we don’t pay attention, life will fly right by us.

The second speed applies mostly to two areas: waiting and hope. When I wait I swear the clock literally slows down. Hours triple in length and it feels like my soul is literally being rung out like a wet towel. Hope seems to actually move further away from you as you wait for it. Like it sits at the end of a tunnel that no matter how long you run always seems to be getting longer.


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Life, sanctification, hope, love – they come slowly in order that you may enjoy and treasure them all the more when they finally arrive.

That is why dreams come slowly as well. Your ability, your passion is a gift. A gift literally form-fitted to your life and calling.

God did not make time and then say well here ya go – good luck getting something done cause your time is running out quick! No, when God places us he makes time fit into the purpose he gave us.

There is no racing against the clock when it comes to following Jesus.

What we do is done perfectly according to his schedule – even if that seems early or late to us.

Hold on to hope.

It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be. – Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper


Question: What are you waiting for?

 PS: I have big news coming Wednesday! I hope many of you will be a part of it. Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Dreams Come Slowly

  1. Wow, timing on this is perfect. You’re not kidding about God showing up and never delaying. His timing is always perfect. In the past I have tried rushing ahead of His plan and purpose for my life only for it to end in disappointment.

    I’ve learned when my priorities change and I make time for things that are more important (loving others, serving them and serving God), He shows up BIG. And it are in those moments when I see His plan unravel before me.

    It really is beautiful and SO worth the wait.

    Great post, David!

    • I really appreciate your comment. This post was as much a mini-sermon to myself as anything. It’s hard to trust God’s timing sometimes but like you said, when he shows up – he shows up BIG!

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