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The Way of the Fruit

This is the first lie any human believed and the one we continue to believe:

In order to find everything I want in life I have to go around God, I can’t go to God.”

The Lie

John Bryson in his message on Christian Manhood used the garden scene in Genesis to expose the areas men have failed in our world. This was one of his points, that we became more enamored by other things, by other idols, more than God himself. Branching off of that thought, I believe this is also true – that as our pleasures change so our priorities will follow. If we are finding a pleasure outside of God, than what reason is there to go to God? (Matt 6:21)

David was a righteous king, a man of God, placed in a position by God and who ruled Israel for God. And yet when he saw something he wanted he went around God to get it. Now of course, God would not have condoned him stealing another man’s wife. That is why David had to go around God to get her.

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But that should throw up a huge red flag when we want something. Am I willing to go around God to get it? What would he say if I asked for this?

The first lie is very potent. But it doesn’t have any support. Matthew 7:9-11 just lays down the truth thick and sweeps that lie out of the building – if you who are evil know how to give good gifts…how much more will your Father give good gifts to those who ask.

The Reason We Believe It

Here is why it is so easy to believe, we are used to it.

We are used to finding things we want in life without God. Sure he can bless it once we have it or maybe we will pray hard that he does not take it away once we do like some elementary Indian-giver. But how small a view of God do we have if that is our opinion of his giving? And if the Bible is so adamantly opposed to this lie – why do we go on believing it?

The Pharisees in some twisted way also believed the lie. They used the idea of God to get what they wanted and Jesus called them out, Thus you nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition (Matt 15:6)

This is why we do it and why we believe it works. We nullify – silence, ignore, do not consider – the word of God in our want. We trade truth for tradition and, in doing so, try to fill our hands with good-things, not God-things. It is easier for us to try and please ourselves, after all we know what we want (right?). It is much more difficult to consciously seek and consider through Scripture and prayer the desires of God; and for us to realize this:

Our desires are met in the pursuit of His desires (Matt 6:33)
seek first his kingdom….and all these things will be given to you as well

The way of the fruit is a detour to pleasure that does not satisfy.

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4 thoughts on “The Way of the Fruit

  1. filling hands with good things vs. God things… so true =) we need to only cling to Christ and live open-handedly (I know it’s not a word… lol) with everything else.

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