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4 Names You Should Know

  1. These Numbers Have Faces – About a year ago, while I was procrastinating on the Twittersphere, I stumbled upon the organization TNHF. They had a cool little logo and an interesting slogan, “Education Transforming Tomorrow.” As I began to research who they were and what they did I immediately fell in love with their work. TNHF “helps African youth attend college, become leaders, and transform their countries from the inside out.” Basically they provide scholarships to students who participate in both a university education and a host of training/serving/mentoring projects. After they graduate the students commit to excelling in their field and giving one year of tuition back into the program. It becomes this cycle of empowerment. And Africa is the ideal place embark on this mission as over half of the twenty fastest growing economies are located there.
  2. Sevenly – This is literally an organization dedicated to helping people help people. Each week the team highlights a different cause such as hunger, water, human-trafficking. Their team of artists then draw up designs to put on clothing and other items to sell in order to support the cause. They use their unique skills to raise money and awareness for groups who could have never reached the degree of support and awareness Sevenly is able to help them achieve. It is a beautiful partnership – I encourage you to get involved, even if its only with trying to spread awareness through social media. This organization also has a special place in my heart because one of my best friends from high school works as one of their lead artists!
  3. Alpha – Alpha is the modern day 1st century marketplace – not an exchange of goods but an exchange of ideas. They work to set up forums, talks, and dinners all with the purpose of inviting people, namely unbelievers, to ask questions they would feel uncomfortable asking in a church setting or that they would be unable to find good answers for in the secular realm. Such as “Is there a God? Why am I here? Where did I come from?” All of this is done in the effort to evangelize and spread what they call the Alpha Course – a 10 week course dedicated to understanding the basics of the Gospel and the beauty of God. Alpha spreads itself through local chapters and works hand in hand with the local church. I encourage you to find an Alpha near you and find out how you can take advantage of the work they are doing. 
  4. Alex Markley – All of the organizations above started because someone believed the way things are does not mean that is they way they have to stay. Alex is such a person. He is a missionary through GCM to the campus of Cleveland State University. Having graduated from there, I had a firsthand look at the spiritual welfare of that campus. My heart breaks that so many have walked those halls without any notion of Christ. Thankfully God does not abandon and he is raising up leaders to impact that place for His names sake. Alex is still in the process of raising support – if you are able to help him I encourage you to do so. In the mean time I would ask that you add him to your prayer lists. There are a thousand reasons why this ministry should fail and one eclipsing reason why it will not.
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