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Some Wisdom from Eric Metaxas

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Eric Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy was easily the best book I read all year. The depth of character alongside the width of history covered is astounding. By the end of the book the reader feels as if Bonhoeffer has become a close friend and the World War, rather than being several decades past, lies right outside their window.

When I heard that Metaxas was going to be speaking at a church 30 minutes away I chose the only responsibly option there was: skip class to hear him. If you have never heard him speak I encourage you to YouTube his talks at either Liberty University or at last year’s Prayer Breakfast.

The fact that I got to meet him and have him sign my book were just icing on the cake.
Here are a few bits from his talk.

For most academics it was a silly question, there is no meaning to life. Most people get a good job so they don’t have to think about it. I had to think about it. I didn’t get a good job, I wanted to be a writer.

But when the Gospel comes in, like a little leavening, everything changes.

God’s gospel of Jesus – that is the secret of the universe. Either were crazy or we have a huge responsibility.

Truth is we can still learn things from people we don’t agree with.

(in reference to the Abyssinian Baptist Church) They knew worship because they knew suffering.

The church is the conscience of the state.

You can’t see the importance of forgiveness until you understand the magnitude of sin. You can’t appreciate the resurrection until you feel the weight of the cross.

The Gospel leads us to lead lives that baffle everyone around us.

When Jesus gets involved with something, that thing now has no end.

If you live with the Gospel, you will die differently.

We are going to be out of this life thing pretty quick, use it.

If you are interested in learning more about Eric and his work you can check out his website. He has his conversion story on there too – it is one you have to hear to believe – you can see it here.

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