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When You Want God to Hurry Up!

God has a wonderful plan for life!

If you’re like me you’ve probably heard this phrase in ballpark of 7 million times. The thing is people rarely say it to you when things are going well. Instead, it is a encouragement to keep your head up when times are bad.

You fail a test
God has a wonderful plan…

You transfer schools
God has a wonderful plan…

You lose your job/Cannot find a new one
God has a wonderful plan…

You are a veteran at singleness
God has a wonderful plan…

And my personal favorite – you have no idea what you want to do with your life
Don’t worry, God has a wonderful…you get the idea.

I wonder how many people this phrase has actually encouraged because most of the time it just frustrates me. It is like I keep hearing rave reviews about this awesome book everyone should read – but only the introduction has been released – and its not even that fantastic.

How do you know if the rest of the book is so great? The main character is already depressed by page 7!

How can people be so positive about my story when they have no clue what the plot is going to be?

 Because they know the Author.

Photo Credit: The Writers Coin

They know his writing style, the twists and turns he uses to shape his characters beyond recognition and move them into places beyond their imagination. They know the rhythm of his words, the tone of his voice and the care with which he crafts each chapter.

You see, most of them are in the middle of one of his books. The ending remains unknown. In fact, they might not even like the chapter their currently in. But they trust the Author.

He writes great stories. He writes spectacular endings.

Next time you find yourself frustrated about how your story looks, remember who is writing it.

 Question: Where are you in your story?

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4 thoughts on “When You Want God to Hurry Up!

  1. “you’re a veteran at singleness” God has a wonderful plan.

    I loved that one that made me laugh.
    but wow this is really awesome David! I really liked the way you put this! Thank you so much for writing this…it was such an encouragement, and I feel like it REALLY relates to me because I am ACTUALLY in the process of writing a book!
    again, thank you!

    • Im glad it was an encouragement! I figured – I cant be the only one who feels like this so hopefully it will resonate with others – and God uses honesty! Hey good luck with your book!

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