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I Totally 100% Agree with Everything the President Said

…said by no one ever.

No one agrees with another person on every topic, at least not willingly. For example, I met a couple a few days ago who were painfully divided about this year’s election. They have been married 30+ years, beautiful home, great family. Just plain good people. But when it came to politics, Romeo and Juliet broke up to join their families. They became bitter rivals while holding to their beliefs. Each person had good points but their relationship suffered because of their disagreement. They refused to just gloss over something so important to them.

But we do.

We all have friends, family who say and do things we do not agree with, but rather than bring it up – or worse, confront them – we gloss over it. Now I will be the first to admit these situations are complicated. It requires wisdom and grace to handle disagreements well.

There is one relationship I’m concerned about above the rest. The one we have with Jesus.
No one is 100% on the same page with Jesus.

If you agree completely with everything Jesus said, you probably haven’t read many of his words.

This may sound harsh, but I have been studying the words of Jesus in Matthew for nearly two years now and every week or so I stumble upon a passage that just stings. No – Jesus wouldn’t say this – he’s contradicting other parts of the Bible – maybe its just the translation.

Jesus would not have won the popular vote. Because he refused to gloss over difficult topics. And in our relationship with him he still refuses to budge. He is full of grace, not compromise.   If there is something you disagree with Jesus on – do not gloss over it. It will be painful or uncomfortable, but the relationship will be better for it.

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That couple has survived 7 elections together. They might never agree on a political candidate, but maybe they have also learned to not gloss over the tough spots in their marriage. Maybe that is why 30 years in they are still going strong.

What’s something Jesus said that you have a hard time with?


6 thoughts on “I Totally 100% Agree with Everything the President Said

  1. Well, in answering the last question, I think… for me at least, it always goes back to the character and nature of God that I “question” or struggle with the most, which Jesus exemplified and said about himself in the Gospels… which isn’t new since that’s been the case since the fall. Satan pretty much was attacking the nature of who God was when he tempted Eve, and he continues to do so.

    • That is a very insightful struggle because I see that at the core of so many other difficult passages of the Bible. Jesus shakes up our idea of God – which is good and terrifying at the same time.

    • The title ties into the first sentence of the post. It’s more about calling out blind allegiance – whether its to the president or to Christ – blind allegiance can be dangerous and hurtful. The point was to make people think.

  2. Oh, this one is easy to answer. Let try John 14:12 – Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believe in me will also do the works that I do; and even greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father”. I have tried to wrap my mind around that Scripture for many years. Jesus said it so he meant it. That’s as far as I can get.

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