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Some Wisdom from Donald Miller

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On November 2 my seminary hosted an evening with Donald Miller. This has been just one of many prayers I have seen answered in the last few weeks (I wasn’t praying for this precise event, but this event answered a bigger prayer).

Honestly he is just as captivating live as he is in his books.
One story he told was about Israeli beach smugglers. I want to tell you but you really have to hear this one in person.

Here are few bits of wisdom from his talk.
*Most of these are paraphrases but they get at the heart of what he was saying.

If you want to influence the people you have to control the story.

Clean lines (as in good and bad) only appear in fiction. The Bible is full of messy narratives.

Don’t mistake brokenness for evil.

The aim of our lives should be to increase in meaning not comfort.

Evangelism isn’t telling people their wrong, instead it’s trying to help them reassemble their story.

Act 3 is where the climactic resolution occurs – all the stakes, all the conflict is resolved in one sweeping moment. For the Christian that will happen at the wedding feast.

Life is Act 2 – the long middle part of the story where the conflict occurs and the character is developed.

Christ shines through us, he doesn’t paint over us.

I am very thankful I had the opportunity to listen to him. He really has a heart for the Christian story – the real Jesus – and real people meeting that Jesus.

His blog: Storyline

If you are a fan of his, what’s something you learned from his writing?

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10 thoughts on “Some Wisdom from Donald Miller

  1. Thanks for sharing! Would love to hear him speak. I read Blue Like Jazz a couple years ago, but have not seen the recent movie. Have you seen the movie? Recommend it or not?

    • Yes I saw it. The movie actually has very little to do with the book itself. Instead I’d recommend his Million Miles in a Thousand Years or Storline – these talk about some of the lessons he learned while making the movie and are much more rewarding. Thanks for reading!

  2. I like Donald Miller’s stuff. I especially liked A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I learned through Miller that I have a story to tell.

    If you like Miller, you’ll love Love Does by Bob Goff. Miller wrote about Goff in A Million Miles… and he was a big influence and encouragement in getting Love Does off the ground. Love Does was probably my first or second favorite book of the year!

    • I just read Goff’s book like 3 months ago – you’re right it was fantastic. I definitely want to be one of those guys with great stories.
      Since we seem to have the same taste in books please feel free to recommend any good reads you come by – I’m always looking for new books.

  3. “Don’t mistake brokenness for evil.” That’s really profound the more I think on it. I’ve read Blue Like Jazz, and really like his blog too. Slightly envious you got to hear him speak, so I’ll have to take your word that it was as awesome as it sounds like it was 😉

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