It’s Mustache Time

I’m growing a mustache.

And not just because they’re beautiful pieces of face art. My friends and I are doing it to help the Movember movement. Movember is an organization which helps raise money and awareness for men’s cancer.

Their motto:

Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Here is their About page which gives the what and why of their efforts, and also a few of the impressive statistics they’ve been able to achieve mostly through word of mouth.

The video below is a Tedx talk Movember’s founder, Adam Garone, gave recently. He tells the story of the non-profits unorthodox beginnings along with some of the beautiful stories which make all the work worth while.

If you’re a guy with the ability to grow facial hair I hope you’ll consider joining in and becoming a Mo Bro. And for those females who want to be Mo Sistas – don’t worry you don’t have to grow a mustache, just jump on their website to see how you can lend your support.

Happy Movember Everyone!


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