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Anna Karenina and a Better Affair

“I love you”
“You can’t ask why about love.”

Stories about affairs are a secret pleasure for many people. They would never dream of engaging in such an act in their own life, but it does present a sort of devilish thrill. A what if?

How would my life look different if I took the dangerous choice, the momentary immorality?

Truth be told, we are where we are because of an affair. When in the garden a man and woman desired something apart from God they engaged in the first, and most costly, affair.

Our rightful mate, the lover of our souls, was always meant to be the only God who knows them completely. But us, who have such fickle desires, drifted away because we thought we could find something better – as ridiculous as that is.

A Better Affair

In my own studies I call this the scandal of our salvation. Hosea paints a portrait of an unfaithful wife constantly misusing and walking away from the love her husband so freely offers. Hosea is prompted by God time and time again to go after his wife. He keeps pursuing because he loves her. He loves every part of her. Even at the cost of his own pain.

That’s how God loves us – unapologetically pursuing us even at the cost of his own pain.

God has his trinity and they were perfectly satisfied in themselves. They didn’t need us but they decided to share the love they enjoyed so much. To do that the unthinkable had to take place – God married an adulteress. Rev 19:7

I love movie quotes but they’re rarely completely true. However, the one from above I like. Because Jesus came and said I love you to us. We saw how unworthy we were and asked him why. I believe his answer was this,

Agape is its own reason.

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