Does God Really Not Give More Than We Can Handle?

This piece was inspired by a great article on the same subject at Blogging Theologically.

“God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

At this point I think I have seen more bad come from this idea than good. Because it’s not entirely true.

Credit: My Modern Met

Temptations are Different than Trials

God promises in 1 Cor 10:13 not to let us be tempted beyond our ability. The verse says that no temptation will come at us that won’t also have an option to flee from it. The problem with temptation and sin is that instead of running away we often walk into them – headfirst.

But trials are different. One reason trials are given is for God to refine of our character (Zech 13:9). These often do not have the option of fleeing or escape. Trials can act like prison camps for the soul.

Notice how refining actually works. Precious metals are not put into flames at a temperature they’re comfortable with – nothing would happen. The heat has to be turned up to a degree higher than comfortable, only then can the impurities begin to melt off.

So does God give us trials that are bigger than about abilities – yes! These can look dark and feel heavy but they are not without purpose.

Instead, think like this

 God gives us enough to bring us to our knees.

Jesus is our victory – through trial and temptation. Don’t reduce the plans God has for you by only accepting difficulties you can handle. God wants to do more with you and the only way he can accomplish that is by having you know how much he is carrying you.

You will never be faced with more than God can handle. And he’s waiting for your call.

If you need prayer for something you don’t think you can handle – just write your name below.


4 thoughts on “Does God Really Not Give More Than We Can Handle?

  1. Good points. I once heard Beth Moore talking about teh fiery furnace and she suggested that sometimes God saves us from the fire (we don’t actually face the trial), sometimes he saves us in the fire (as with Shadrack and company) and sometimes he saves us by the fire (the stoning of Stephen comes to mind). But it’s always something God can handle.

    Someone commenting on my blog today mentioned going through hard times and can really benefit from your insights here, so I’m going to give them a link to this article.


    • Thank you. I think the way Beth lays it out is absolutely correct – there are a lot of factors to how God deals with each person in each situation. And I appreciate you sharing this!

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