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The Problem with Believing

Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laying in bed 5 more minutes will make me feel well-rested, even though the last 7 hours have failed to do that.

I do that pretty much every morning. It’s become a sort of ritual.

The alarm clock on my phone rings, I blindly feel for it for about 5 seconds, with blurry eyes I navigate the buttons to snooze it and then its back to dream land.

The only problem is that this doesn’t work. Sleeping 5 more minutes won’t magically rejuvenate us.

That was a silly example but the point is this: believing in something doesn’t make it true.

Whether it’s something small like an ineffective daily routine. Or something big – no matter how much faith we invest, how many people we convince – belief does not equal truth.

That’s one side of the coin. The other is this: Something being true makes it worth being believed in.

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the most basic tenets of the Christian faith and I have found it discouraging how little a deal we make of really big truths. The things every Christian should believe: prayer changes things, we belong to God, a Christian’s life should look different than everyone else’s.

These are basic but they are true. And by being true they warrant our attention, our belief, and our action.

Just as Scougal has said

The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love.Henry Scougal

So also

The character of one’s life can be measured by the integrity of their beliefs.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem with Believing

  1. Great points =) So often Christians are on the search for… what I’ll call “new revelations,” rather than enjoying and drinking deeply of what’s already been revealed to us… Jesus! It’s frustrating, to me at least, when we make other things a “bigger” deal when they’re not rooted or saturated in Him… yeah… I think that sorta goes along with what you’re saying… maybe. Awesome quotes BTW.

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