What Do You Actually Control?


It’s something we all like to have. Whether it’s choosing the topics for our sandwich, the job we would like to have or the person we want to marry. Control makes us feel secure. It makes us feel powerful. It makes us feel safe.

But is it real?

People – I mean famous people, the kind who’s opinions really matter – say control is only an illusion. As Christians our idea of control lies in the hands of a sovereign God. Both sides seem to be pointing out that our sense of control is a myth.

But control is not a myth nor is it an illusion.

It is real but it is very

I started to notice something about this idea of control. The less important something is the more control we have over it.

Think about it, our sandwiches have no chance standing against our will. We can drench them in as much mustard and vegetables as our heart desires (which actually does not sound appetizing at all). But what about the big things?

I can’t control someone else’s feelings towards me. I can’t control the weather. I can’t even control when my body gets sick.

Now we can influence. If we are friendly or flirtatious with someone that can influence their feelings towards ourselves. Or if we eat healthy and exercise we can diminish the chances that we will get sick. But over the things that matter most our control is limited at best, if not all together absent.

Why is that good?

Because by focusing our attention on the things we can control, rather than moping about the things we cannot, we will actually have a bigger impact and influence.
Like seeds. We can choose where to plant them. We can faithfully water and fertilize them, but at the end of the day we can’t control how big they grow.

God likes to use small things to have a big impact.

So be faithful with the small and He will take care of the rest.


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