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Goals and People Who Have Accomplished Theirs

Whenever I find myself neck deep in work my mind often pauses to ask this one question: is this worth it?

I know we all have to take classes we don’t love and get jobs we’re not thrilled about in order to pay the bills. But is what I’m doing now, today, helping me work towards the goals I have for tomorrow? This is as much a spiritual discipline as it is a growth principle. When I wake up tomorrow will I be proud of the decisions I made yesterday?

Another reason this topic is weighing so heavy on my mind is because I am spending so much time with people older than me. People who have lived lives and made choices which got them to where they are today. The scary thing is life doesn’t come in big chunks – there isn’t a series of massive choices which catapult you from one level of existence to another. The future comes to every one at the same speed, day by day.

I’m encouraged to know that I am walking with God, but am I going somewhere? Am I going places, physically and otherwise, that require me to lean on him. Or am I only headed towards destinations I know I will reach even if he doesn’t have to interfere?

Those are just some thoughts. Here are a few links which revolve around the same topic.

Shaytards – One of my favorite bloggers records the day he accomplishes one of his life goals. It’s hilarious and inspiring all at once.

Thinking Different – This is about rule breaking. Not law breaking but acting in such a way that breaks the mold. It’s a list of 43 items but I’ve applied just a handful of these over the last year and have noticed some worthwhile changes in my approach to work/creative endeavors.

Rules to Living a Meaningful Life – The one and only Donald Miller (who I get to see in person 2 weeks from now) lays out a few basic concepts of what makes a great story and how we can turn that into a life worth living.

Daniela – This girl can sing. Her music always puts me in a good mood – and apparently it does for many others as well because she just hit 50k subscribers on Youtube. To celebrate she’s giving a free download of the song in this link.

What goal(s) are you currently pursuing?


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