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Officially A Seminarian

October has been crazy! Started a new study with our Young Adult group at church, one of my Navy friends came home, and my life as a seminarian began.

I am loving my time at Ashland Theological Seminary. It’s challenging both academically and spiritually. I am meeting fantastic people: professors, counselors, pastors – all who have dedicated themselves to Christ and to the city of Cleveland. I feel so privileged to be where I am at. The work load is about what I expected it to be – large. Getting Greek out of the way in the first year takes a lot of energy but I’m not one to jump into things half way.

That being said the job hunt seems like it might be stalling out. However, there might be an opportunity I just haven’t had the courage to pursue. So hopefully there’ll be more to tell in the coming weeks.

God has been so good lately – not that he’s ever not good, I’ve just had more occasion to pay attention. There’s a sweetness that comes in hope and waiting. The only thing I can compare it to is that feeling around Christmas time. The first snowfall blankets the neighborhood, you stay under the covers just a little longer to stay warm. The evening air is filled with hot chocolate and new books. And everything feels like it’ll be alright.

Calm. Patient. Trust. That’s where I am with Jesus right now. Amidst a number of worries and trials I just won’t let myself get lost in all of it. What can worry add? (Matthew 6:27)

What has God been showing you lately?


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