Direction / Writing

Some Thoughts (9/18)

I’ve spent the last few weeks writing and reading as much as I can because I know the time for such things will have to be transfered towards school and work in the coming weeks. Here I wanted to record a few thoughts. They each have been built atop a large foundation and they could use some expounding/clarifying. But I still think they are helpful in their current form.

  1. Death does not change things; at best, it motivates the living who can. (This is another reason why Jesus’ death is all the more spectacular, because it did have an effect)
  2. The things we are given from God are all opportunities to show that Christ is more valuable than they. Our aim should not be in the accruement of idols but to display the worthlessness of idols. An anti-idol, God-saturated, Christ-glorifying existence will only come when sacrifice is at the heart of our prayers, and instead of running to remedy the pain of others, we first take the chance, in the steps of Christ, to share in their pain. Only then can we truly love others as ourselves, when the remedy is mutually relieving.
  3. Our thirsts, hungers, chases – apart from Christ these are motivated by an ever increasing dissatisfaction. In Christ our motivation to pursue thirst, hunger and chase is an ever increasing satisfaction in Him. The world, with its variety, tempts our thirsts but leaves us thirsty. God quenches our thirsts, then makes us even more thirsty for himself, and follows by giving even more to drink. This occurs over and over. And this scenario will be heaven – an ever increasing desire for God continually satiated by an ever giving glorious God.
  4. I found a index card in my Bible I had been using as a bookmark. I received it back in fifth grade and on it is written two things. On top is a short sentence, I am God’s building project, His handiwork, created in Christ to do His work. A verse from Ephesians 2 rests under it as its support, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Eph 2:10. I am deeply encouraged by this promise. As I try to navigate the job market, seminary, different ministry commitments, family and friends I find I am constantly coming up against the wall of trading one good thing for another. There aren’t enough hours in the day, or enough energy in my bones to do everything. But that’s not my purpose! Thankfully my call is not to do everything – it’s to do that “which God prepared in advance.” The supreme God has laid assignments on this earth for me to accomplish – by His work, for His glory. We have no idea the impact God can have through us. He uses the willing, the small, even the insignificant – like a thirteen year old bookmark to remind us He is good and is in control. (All that is to say I am not 100% sure how to know what options are those He has prepared in advance, but through seeking wisdom and devotion to prayer, one develops a peace about such things.)

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