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Quotes from Prayer by Richard Foster

Prayer by Richard J Foster is everything I could want in a book. It possessed tremendous depth which was delivered in simple prose. Foster read dozens of books in preparation for this work and cites many of them – which worked towards expanding my own reading list. I disagreed with him in parts, but respected his scholarship enough to give his viewpoints some serious thought. Atop the truckloads of information he delivers (and it is truckloads), he is able to motivate his readers to practice the new insights. I recommend this book for anyone who has questions about prayer, feels ill-equipped to pray, or is looking to strengthen their prayer life.

Below are a handful of quotes to whet your appetite for his work.

True, whole prayer is nothing but love. – St. Augustine (p.1)

The truth of the matter is, we all come to prayer with a tangled mass of motives – altruistic and selfish, merciful and hateful, loving and bitter. (8)

We are not sinners because we commit sinful acts; rather, we commit sinful acts because we are sinners. (41)

Humility means to live as close to the truth as possible (61)

He has a way of bringing to pass the longings deep within – after all, he placed those longings there! (69)

The language of lovers is the language of waste. (77)

If we ever want to know the degree to which we are enslaved by the passion to possess, all we have to do is observe the difficulty we have maintaining a Sabbath rhythm. (96)

A prayer makes sense only if it is lived. – Anthony Bloom (172)

Petitions that are less than pure can only be purified by petition. – PT Forsyth (180)

God gives where he finds empty hands. – St. Augustine (187)

those who suffer come to see the face of the suffering God. (217)


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