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Quotes from Think by John Piper

These are few quotes from John Piper’s “Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God.” I highly recommend this book. Enjoy.

  • “the main reason God has given us minds is that we might seek out and find all the reasons that exist for treasuring him in all things and above all things.” (p.15)
  • “the soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears.” (p.26)
  • from Jonathan Edwards – “I should think myself in the way of my duty to raise the affections of my hearers as high as possibly I can, provided that they are affected with nothing but truth, and with affections that are not disagreeable to the nature of what they are affected with.” (p.36)
  • from Mortimer Adler – “It is my honest belief that almost all the great books in every field are within the grasp of all normally intelligent men (and women).” (p.43)
  • “Schooling is not the same as education.” (p.48)
  • in regards to 2 Timothy 2:7 – “This word ‘for’  means that the willingness of God to give us understanding is the ground of our thinking, not the substitute for it.” (p.65)
  • “Not understanding the Word results in the Word being snatched away.” (p.65)
  • “Loving God is not defined as loving our neighbor…[it] depends on the first – on loving God.” (p.87)
  • “Jesus does not equate loving God with serving God. He roots serving God in loving God.” (p.88)
  • But what about relativism? It poses as humble by saying: ‘we mere mortals cannot know what the truth is – or even is there is any universal truth.’ This sounds humble. But look carefully at what is happening. It’s like a servant saying: ‘I am not smart enough to know which person here is my master – or if I even have a master.’The result is that he…can be his own master.” (p.112)
  • “The cross stands for the ungodliness and helplessness of man (Rom 5:6), the undeserved grace of God (Rom 3:24), and the unimpeachable justice of God (Rom3:25-26).” (p.146)
  • “Knowledge is susceptible to pride because…Knowledge is a possession.” (p.158)
  • “That implies that any knowledge that does not stand in the service of love is not real knowing. It’s as though God put surgical tools in our hands and taught us how to save the sick, but we turned them into a clever juggling act while the patients died.” (p.160)
  • “We are not safe from pride if we neglect serious thinking” (p.162)

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