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11 Things I Learned This Summer

  1. God will only teach us as much as we are willing to put into practice.
  2. Holiness does not pull you out of life, it plunges you into Christ who entered the world, so you must also.
  3. When reading the Scriptures, God always has something for you – it’s just not always about you.
  4. I want to live a life where the imminence of God is made both frighteningly apparent and graciously inviting.
  5. Have there been more great men than women in history? If you count male conquerors, authors and heroes you will get a very large number. But if you count their mothers, very much a reason for their greatness, alongside their spouses, and add every accomplished woman you will see the scales tip decidedly in their favor.
  6. Sin makes things far, God makes them close.
  7. Before you were a Christian, to worship God was impossible. Afterward, worship is inevitable because you will do what the Spirit inside you moves to do.
  8. Maturing in Christ is marked by increased joy, not solemnity. As one moves closer to the light their face ought to grow brighter.
  9. There is no sanctification without submission.
  10. It is no small thing to wait on love. Patience, after all, is its first attribute.
  11. It is much more important to be enduring than endearing.

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