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Hunting Righteousness

Disciples live with not only renouncing their own rights, but even renouncing their own righteousness. They get no credit themselves for what they do and
-D. Bonhoeffer

The last few days have been, and the next few days will be, consumed with job hunting. As a college graduate doors are supposed to fly open and opportunity should drizzle down like a summer shower. So far it hasn’t, but I am patient and God is good.

God has blessed me with a mind that is always searching for a lesson to learn. In this job hunt I am beginning to see the proficiency of grace in a new way.
During my undergraduate studies I had an expectation that my investment of time, money and work would pay off. I would reap the benefits of what I had sown over the years and be awarded opportunity and means. Simply put, I expected what I had done to secure a place for me where I wanted to go. It still might, I’ve only been on the journey a short time.

But what has hit me hard has been the preferred qualifications for many jobs. They list licenses, education and experience far above my level. I see how far I have come only to be reminded of how much further I have to go. However, this is different from our salvation. Someday I will achieve those requirements, even surpassing some.

The reality before God is that we can never meet even his minimum qualifications for a seat at his table and for a room in his house. If I was given a thousand lifetimes my investment of time, money and work would never earn me more than frustration.

The only righteousness they can have is in hungering and thirsting for it. At all times they look forward to God’s future righteousness, but they cannot bring it about by themselves. -D. Bonhoeffer

Jesus is my certificate of worthiness. He alone has secured for me a place with God. It is his work and investment and sacrifice from which I reap the benefits. My limited accomplishments serve to remind me of the infinite accomplishment of Christ.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6


2 thoughts on “Hunting Righteousness

  1. Your attitude towards this all is admirable I have to say. If it were me I would not be diggin’ the whole seeing the lesson God was trying to show me… I’m much more of the look back and then see the lesson… which, yeah, I should work more towards seeing it in the here in now more than I do. All the same though, praying you find a job soon! =)

    • Thank you, but trust me – for every one thing I get sorta right, there’s about 50 that I miss or just completely mess up 😛
      I’ve learned the hard way to look for lessons sooner than later.

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