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Quotes – Why Holiness Matters

I just finished reading a new book by Tyler Braun titled Why Holiness Matters. You can find my review of the book at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Below are a few of my favorite quotes from his work.

“God’s holiness should draw us closer to Him, not push us away.” p.31

“Without a full view of holiness, sin is mere human failure because it contains no connection to God.” p.36

“Jonathan Edwards says that the whole of human history is summed up in God desiring to provide a bride for His Son.” p.43

“Shame…always results in us finding a false identity.” p.57

“You don’t choose a life…You live one.” (quoted from The Way) p.78

“Holiness…is a destination ultimately found in the arms of our Savior in heaven.” p.126

“Holiness is messy.” (which is think is a great summary of his main point) p.131


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