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Why You Should Read Colossians

There are three themes present which feed into one another. The first is hope. Things are going well for the church but Paul knows how things change and he encourages them will all his strength – look at the Gospel and keep looking at it, hope – with all your heart, keep Heaven before you – talk about it, pray about, read about what God has done, about what God is doing and about what God will do. Because hope will keep you where you need to be. When you lose hope is when you drift, when you stray. Hope strengthens you.

Hope in what? This is the second theme you need to listen for, the supremacy of Christ in all things. Col 1:16-17 If all things are from him and for him, then as we approach him – our view of everything will begin to get wrapped in Christ. As you see Christ more clearly as what he is, that is God, everything must bow to him. And as Paul converges the universe into Christ hands he turns back to the church and says – yes even you, Col 3:3, your life is now hidden with Christ in God. So Christ’s supremacy is around you, above you, under you, and in you. So that v11 Christ is all and is in all.

And finally to sustain and spread hope and to anchor the supremacy of Christ in our souls we must pray. Paul begins and ends the letter with prayer – but not the weak light prayers we sometimes offer. He is passionate about coming before God – 1:9 we have not stopped praying, 4:2 devote yourselves to prayer, 4:12 wrestle in prayer. He knows that the privilege and discipline of prayer, as difficult as it is, cannot help but overflow into every area of our life – if we can devote a few minutes and a few thoughts – God will break and multiply that so that we have a freedom in this life beyond what words can express- a freedom motivated by Christ’s victory – and hope that that victory has become our own.

A hope that will not fail. A Christ who will not rest. And a privilege that has no restraint on what it can accomplish. That is what you will find when reading Colossians.


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