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James: A Little Light, A Little Sound

How do these help you? A little light, a little sound. But they are so much more.

You see, a little light can expose what the darkness has been trying to hide. A little of Heaven’s light can open your eyes to the lies of temptations, and the parts which were once invisible become glaringly apparent. And you think, how come everyone else can’t see that, it’s right there. However, that is the gift of Heaven’s light and it has shown you something other’s simply cannot see.

The second is even less noticeable because it is about preventing. When you are being tempted, it is very much like a small whisper hinting you towards a certain decision. It’s trying to push you towards something you should not do and most likely would not participate in if not for some coaxing. But the small whisper of God, when you are actively pursuing him, does something really incredible. It drowns those voices out.
What does that mean? You are going to be tempted the rest of your life. Every day, in some way, towards some sin, you will be tempted. I can guarantee that.
But it is up to you to determine what is going to tempt you and, in addition, how much pull are those temptations going to have on you. Your temptations depend largely upon your current station in life, and as you mature naturally, you should grow out of these things. So it should be likewise spiritually, that as you mature you should grow out of small temptations.

This is challenging to explain; the voice of God is the prompting of the Holy Spirit. It will lead you towards certain things and away from others, sometimes with or without you taking a conscious notice of the possible temptations He is guarding you from. Continually then, as you grow up physically and spiritually that voice increasingly drowns out the lesser/more juvenile temptations but also becomes louder when you are being tempted.

These are two things that have to happen at the heart level if you are ever going to battle temptation. 

Furthermore, this is a direct challenge to your spiritual development. We are supposed to grow stronger as we continue in life alongside our Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we are, on this side of eternity, bound to sin and failure. But at the same time we are set apart, given the gift of time within which we have the opportunity to develop, precisely for His glory. Do not let this life be a waste. Temptation is but a symptom of a much deeper, darker issue. I plead with you to expect and search out the power God has promised to us that we may live as a people who have truly met the Savior King. 


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