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James: We Have To Want More

 Now desire is a tricky thing.
How many of you have ever had a crush? 
Not a “Oh I think they’re cute” kind of crush, but the “I am going to die if they actually talk to me” kind of crush. Our minds drift towards what we desire most. If you are ever curious about what is most important to you, throughout the day, at random times, stop yourself and see what you are thinking about. Our mind’s desires are naturally prone to move by themselves towards certain things.

However, when those desires become focused on something, it can feel as if you are going crazy. When you have that second kind of crush it can be all-consuming. You need that person, they are the reason you awoke this morning and the reason you are going to have trouble falling asleep tonight.
But we are fickle; meaning we change our minds pretty often and pretty quickly. Because, honestly, a year from now you are no longer going to be obsessed over that person and most likely you have moved on to a entirely new paramour. 
CS Lewis says “we are far too easily pleased.”

One of the best, surest ways of battling temptation is to desire something else.
You will not want that particular sin if your wants are consumed by something else. If something else has all of your attention and time and devotion, than what are you going to have left to give to temptation? Nothing. (James 1:25)
That is the point and the goal of desiring God; God himself and the reward He promises us if we remain steadfast. We have to keep our mind, our hearts, our eyes on Heaven, on the life awaiting us after this one, on God and His love and the new world He’s going to give us – one free of sin, free of death. It is going to be so spectacular we really have no idea, no idea at all!
But we have to do everything in our power to keep it in mind and in sight. As much as we want a good life, we have to want Heaven more (Colossians 3:1-4).
Like a crush, as much as we want that beautiful person to complete us, we have to want God more.

And as your doing that, as you are aiming to desire God, something amazing begins to happen. As you are pursuing God (and we are going to cover some of the practical steps soon), as you are reaching more and more for Him; something clicks. 

It is not instant at all, but very gradual and hardly noticeable. And truly you are likely not even going to know when it started, but one day you are going to see it in action and wonder how long it has been there. I am talking about a small glimpse of Heaven’s light and a small whisper of God’s voice. 

And truly, this next part is my favorite.


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