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James: The Skunky Source

 Where does this temptation comes from?
This is hugely important because if you are able to understand this concept, than you should be able to stop it or avoid it. Think of a bad smell: skunk spray. Now this scent is reeking the whole house up. You check the basement, you check the kitchen, the attic, the living room, the bedrooms, the bathrooms. Nothing. So you check the people: mom, dad, siblings, dog, cat, grandma (sorry grandma but we had to make sure). Nothing. But it still smells so bad. You decide to take a break and go for a walk, but as soon as you turn the corner you realize you still smell it. What the heck! Then you realize why.
You’re the one who smells like skunk. That’s why you could not lose the scent; it is on you.
Temptation is the same way. That’s why it will never matter what state you live in or what school you go to; the temptations are being carried with you because of your desires. You’re desires are like magnets for temptation. God does not tempt you, He tests you – but with truth, with difficult choices and with opportunities to rely on Him. (Read James 1:2-3)
God’s testing pulls you towards greater character and intimacy with Him.
Temptation pull you in the exact opposite, worldliness and ignorance of God’s presence.
Temptation is what the devil uses because it is a perversion of what is good. Usually the desires we have are genuine and good. They are legitimate things that we should crave as humans, but that is not how they stay. In the world they are perverted, changed into things they should have never become and then presented back to us as perfectly fine. (Read James 1:16-17)
Do not be fooled. Desire is an incredibly strong emotion, it can mess with your head.
But we are far from helpless. And in fact, desire can be our greatest tool against temptation, fighting fire with fire.

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