Hannah: The Pain Of Giving In Joy

Hannah showed faith during the darkest trials and obedience during the greatest joy. Circumstances will change, but God remains forever. It is incredibly important to lean on God during the hard times in life. When nothing is going the right way, and you are a Christian, it seems or should seem only natural to lean on God. To call on Him and pray for His strength to carry you.
But it is much harder to lean on God when things are going right. When sickness and pain and fear seem miles away, God becomes less of a necessity and more of an ornament. We become our own gods when things are going well.
Relying on God is essential during the suffering, but the real test comes during the celebration.
Hannah showed her foundation through her actions; her faith during the barren years and her obedience during the season of joy.
The call of God is more about what our Lord asks of us to give, rather than a task we are given to do. Some say the call of Hannah was to give birth to a son. But if that is all she did, would we be reading about her today? If she simply completed the task to the best of her ability, out of her ability, would she be worthy of mention in the Scriptures? God’s call for Hannah was to give her son. To give the very thing she had received. To give what was never hers in the first place.
Likewise with Samuel, when God comes and calls him out of his bed what are the first words God greets him with (3:11) “See, I am about to do something in Israel…”
It is God’s doing, not our own.
Even at this moment as I deliver this message, am I answering the call of God? Am I giving of myself – my time, my words, my study. But apart from His doing, my effort is empty. Apart from His gift, I have nothing to offer you.

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