He Does Not Give Lightly, Part 4

So how then is provision not light? 
My above argument was to prove this point: our sanctification is precious to God. He will use every measure and means to produce in us the Holy Righteousness He has called us to. The having and not having are essential parts in that process, but more so He concerns Himself with our reactions – both outwardly and inwardly. 
We may first be as children, grumbling our circumstances, but then quieted by His promise and eventually satisfied by His goodness. Or we could become the second son (Matthew 21:28-31), verbally placing our trust in God, and yet all the while seeking other means of meeting our needs, usually less than appropriate. Trusting God does not mean doing nothing, but it definitely does not mean doing anything. You’d be better off poor and prayerful than increasing and ignorant of the ways of God.
God provides because He wants you to have; but what is it He wants you to have? Objects? Surely there are immeasurably greater things awaiting us in the glory to come. No, He desires holiness; set apart for Himself. He gives to us that He may have us. And we need, that we may want Him more; we can never need Him more than we do at this very moment, just as He will never love us more than He does precisely now.  

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