He Does Not Give Lightly, Part 1

Before I begin let me state a simple truth: I hate money. Not that I hate the idea of money but more so  the things it allows one to have,  the false security it creates, and the evil it pushes man to commit. It is the idol of this age; the Zeus of our American Olympus. But I would be foolish to deny the good that can be brought by it, when in the right hands and given with good hearts.
Here then I think it is more important to understand God as a Redeemer than it is to see money as inherently evil. If God can, and did, and is, redeeming the horridness of man whose every inclination is to sin against Him; then surely, turning some pieces of paper into His servants is quite feasible.
And yet it is not the money itself which seems to be the problem. Money, like every tool, must be held. It becomes an issue of the hands that hold. Are the hands tight and cold, seeing with selfish eyes and fearful hearts? Or are the hands soft and open, made that way because open palms are the only response to pierced ones.
You see, before anything can be said of God providing, with his eternally open hands, he wants to see that his children imitate him in this way. There is much to say on the posture of a Christian: raised eyes, bended knees, and only two possible options for the hands: open in giving or folded in prayer.
Now I must venture off the normal path to search something out I believe to be true. While it is most true that our Great God gives freely, He does not give lightly. 

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