Mark 12:41-44

Last night at 707 we learned about our baskets having enough (Mark 6:30-44). When the disciples were told to go and feed the five thousand, they had nothing. And even what was given to them was still so very little. However, by faith they gave and multiplication fed the crows. It was a miracle of God. Only he can take what has so little value and change the world with it.
This parable takes place as Jesus sits to watch the offerings being given. I’m sure it was quite a sight; masses of money being brought in and priests in the background smiling ear to ear. But look at what Jesus said about those who gave the most, “they all gave out of their wealth.”

The rich looked inside their basket, saw the abundance, and scooped a small amount out. They looked at their gift and saw how large it was and were satisfied that they had done well. When giving, do not look purely at the gift, but at the basket from which it comes. God is less concerned about big gifts and more concerned with us emptying our baskets for His kingdom.
“But she, out of her poverty, put in everything.” This widow, who is on all accounts the definition of the least of these, approached the place of offering not with pride but with profound humility. She considered herself nothing and what she gave – what impact could it truly have? She was so obscure, her gift so insignificant. But God does not see like we see or judge by worldly standards. Jesus did not look at her gift but at her basket, and it was emptied for Him.
The emptier our basket, the more He is able to fill it with Himself and with all the good that follows him. Do not judge your spirituality on the basis of your gift or to the extent you are able to impact change as a result. Your eyes must be constantly drawn back to the basket of your life, what do I have left to give, what am I hiding away at the bottom? We must make more room. We cannot be filled until we have first been emptied.
Our gift is not small to him; it’s more than enough if it is all we’ve been given.

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