Beautiful God, Gospel Part 1

This summer I had the privilege of working at a church as their summer intern. I worked with both the children’s and youth department. Among my duties I had the opportunity to teach, about every other week, on Sunday. The first and last lessons were of my own choosing. The rest came from a curriculum that I was allowed to form and personalize. It was a tremendous time of growth and I grew to love it. I want to post a revised version of a few of the lessons on here over the next month. This will keep them fresh in my mind and hopefully reach a few people in the process.
This first one is about Evangelism.
_ _ _
What are some of your favorite stories? Think of them and then think of why you like them so much? Maybe it’s the characters you can relate to, the setting you wish you could escape to, or the adventure you wish you were on. We love stories; they bring excitement to our mediocre and boring lives. They represent the places we wish we could go and the people we wish we could be.
But as Christians we have a story of our own. As followers of Christ we are on an adventure which is infinitely grander in scale and more a part of us than even our own flesh. This story is His story. This story is the Gospel.
Now today’s lesson is on the practice of evangelism; and part of the reason we don’t see the importance of evangelism is that we have a small view of the Gospel. While the Gospel primarily answers our need for salvation it’s also so much more. It is the meta-narrative of which all other stories fall under. Our society wants us to think that it’s all about us – as Christians we realize it’s all about God. And by His grace we’re brought in to become a part of that story. This story can be divided into four main acts. Let’s begin with the one so many know so well; yet so few believe, Creation.


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