Haiti: Clouds And Perspectives

(excerpt from journal)
Today was mostly flying and we’ll be in Florida for a while; so I’ll have a chance to write about some things God has shown me. Both traveling in the airplanes and seeing the clouds caused me to pray and ask for God to continue to reveal himself to me. He did. First there were the clouds; these beautiful, gigantic air mountains of the sky. I watched in awe as the float effortlessly with grace across the open sky and shined with a white few have seen. It was creation at its purest.
This brought up two things: how God sees the clouds, and how He sees us. We look up at the weightless beauties and dream of flying. But in their distance they become almost unreal and intangible. Some things in our lives, because of how far they are; whether by physical distance or separated by time, both future and past, seem unreal to us. They are very real, but our inability to hold them and experience them immediately causes doubt. But watch this. The clouds, when seen from above, come to life in a way that can’t be seen from the ground. Lord, give us eyes to see.
That is how God sees them all the time: the clouds and our doubtful moments in life. He sees them in the fullness they were meant to be. They are very real to Him. Being stuck on the ground can cause doubt, but trusting God truly does give you the wings of faith necessary to see things hidden to those below.
Also, on the ground we are stuck at eye-level; constantly caught in the web of human sin. We see only out of our own eyes; a perspective limited more than we could ever truly know. But God is unlimited in his perspective; his vision and knowledge immeasurable. In His sovereignty he looks down upon us and knows us. Knows our placement, our struggles, our questions, our gifts, our weaknesses, and our futures. His view is much bigger, much better.
These led to one more observation. The material success we strive for is honestly so small, insignificant and temporal. It’s no wonder the Bible is constantly warning against setting your hearts on such things. From two miles in the air a modest home and a huge mansion are only millimeters in difference. Cars become dots, whether the dot costs two grand or twenty, they’re still just dots. All of the things we worry about blend together and our soon hidden by the clouds; the financial concerns of our age disappear with the sound of a jet engine. None of that matters in the sky; none of it will be around much longer.
(end excerpt)

One of my desires for the trip was for God to give me a deeper understanding of how big He is. In incredible ways He did, and the next few entries will show how.

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