Haiti And A Hidden Life

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Colossians 3:3

It’s come down to this; the night before the trip. It has been in front of me for months and I’ve not given it more than a few moments of thought.
Why? Was it fear? Was it doubt? Was it peace? Or did I really just not care?

At different points it was all of these. At first it seemed so far away that it didn’t really matter; I had much more important things with short deadlines occupying my time. Then it was doubt. It seemed unreal, like all of it was a very well built charade and would crumble as the time approached. 

Then, briefly, it was fear. Fear that I might go, I might do something I have never done and had only thought of doing in my wildest dreams. I feared I might lose a part of myself; or gain something I could not control. For the most part it has been peace.
Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due.” W.R. Inge

Why worry about something that is not here. It will be planned and things might go against those plans. But who is ultimately in control anyways? Who has laid the foundations of the earth…of the entire earth – how in the world can we worry about a week long trip? Walking by faith means more than following a diligent routine everyday; parts of it means looking at a path you never thought you would take and then stepping out onto it.

“For you died..” Obviously he is not writing this to people who are actually dead. They are already with Christ, or not. It’s for us: the living, struggling Christians of today. It’s common place for outsiders to look at the majority of Christians and say, “wow they are friendly and helpful.” But how many people (people that knew us before Salvation, and then have watched us grow afterward) could look at us and say, “it’s like they died, because the person I see now is not who I knew back then.” Our change has to be radical. Our testimony has to bring God glory.
Matthew 5:16 – Read it, Know it, Live it.

“and your life…” Look at that. God, who gave up His Son, who has showered us with grace, who has authored salvation for the undeserving; He gives and gives and gives – what is not ours, what we don’t deserve. And here it is again; once we have died He gives us back our life, redeemed. “and your life,” your life, my life, our lives; the very thing we wasted. The very tool we used to turn our back on God. He hands it right back to us; but now we have help.

“is now hidden with Christ in God.” A hidden life, not a secret life. Be in the world, but not of it. Do not use our hidden life as an excuse to be a recluse. A hidden life is like a Christmas present. Before the Creator got His hands on us we were broken and misused and covered by the scars of our bad choices. But then He took us, repaired us, stamped us with His Spirit, and wrapped us in the Crimson Sacrifice of Jesus. 
Now, do not unwrap this metaphor too much because it is not excellent, but it at least gets the basic idea across; that when people see us, they are supposed to see the red paper and the Creator’s handiwork and the Spirit’s promise more than the toy itself. The toy is a tool or a canvas. The focus is on the transformation more so than the actual function of the toy.

And so we are called to a hidden life. This trip is a step towards that kind of life. A life where people see God’s handiwork more than my skill; they see Jesus’ sacrifice more than my works; and that they hear the Holy Spirit’s promise more than the words from my lips or fingers.
I die so that He may live; I work so that He may be glorified; I walk so that He may be shown faithful; through me. 

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